At home and at work, in business and in life, you deserve to be successful and

Success is ...

Success is NOT a one-size-fits-all proposition.
The key is to make it all work for you and to find your best way.
By cultivating Self-Awareness, activating your Authenticity, and powering up your Personal Genius you can more fully Thrive in your life and your work.

We are all unique and gifted with certain talents, aptitudes and abilities and I believe we are all here to serve a purpose unique to us. 

You have a special Genius

You are here to do something that only you can do and you deserve to be success-full.  

You Deserve to have all the Time, Money, Freedom and Joy you need to

Live the life you truly desire

and leave a legacy you’re proud of without having to make stupid sacrifices or loose all sense of balance.

You Deserve to

Prosper and Profit

You can be more, do more, and have more of what you truly desire

You deserve to Thrive!

Candice was a God-send...

Candice Czaplak was a God-send. She helped me prioritize what was important in my life and professionally. She introduced me to the concepts of being present, digging deeper, and focusing on the things that would help me accomplish my business goals. She helped guide me to surround myself with people and tasks that were good for me and for my goals while eliminating the energy involved in tasks and relationships that were not. Her coaching was the start of my journey into entrepreneurship and she provided me the foundation for growth and success. I always look forward to my conversations with Candice. She can strike a unique balance of careful listening with sharing her wealth of experience and ideas. She quickly pinpoints the crux of a situation and does not fail to leave me with helpful insights, ideas or questions to ponder. I highly recommend Candice Czaplak for your coaching needs. She has put me on my path to being Success-FULL. Thanks Candice!
Catrina Davidson, MAML
Co-Owner of Dream Realm Media

Meet Candice ~ a poem

With Candice, Success Catalyst, empowered you’ll be, successful and thriving will demand she of thee.

People and companies she targets to know, so they see possibilities and are inspired to grow.

With a passion to maximize people, leadership and culture, co-creating epiphanies is what she lives for.

Magic tools of assessment and insight she brings, to uncover the genius you can’t readily see.

Clear knowing, clear seeing, she steps in your corner, to help solve your problems and break through to your better.

Get ready to learn, get ready to grow, and be willing to let go of the status quo.

Mediocrity will run and stale ideas will hide when Candice the Catalyst is there at your side.


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Activate The Thrive Formula

Activate the Thrive Formula

Put the Thrive Formula to work for you in your life and your work today
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Strengthen Self-Awareness

Strenghten Self-Awareness

Understanding and relating well to yourself is the heart of leveraging the Thrive Formula for better Success
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Align Your Authenticity

Align To Your Authenticity

Authenticity is relating well to yourself and honoring your strengths, desires, gifts and preferences. #DoYou and Thrive!
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Empower Your Genius

Empower Your Genius

Understanding and living in your Personal Genius is what it takes to Thrive! With your Genius you can do more, be more, and have more of what you truly desire.
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Maximize Your Mindset

Maximize Your Mindset

We become who we believe we can be. What we think about expands. Cultivating and maintaining the right mindset is key if you want to Thrive!
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Synchronize With Spirit

Synchronize With Spirit

Harness the power of unseen forces. Trust your intuition. Raise your vibration. Align your energy. Sync with your soul. Connect to your Spirit. Manifest your abundance.
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What Others Are Saying

You know, I never really understood the idea of a business consultant. I mean, duh! Who can run your business better than you? LOL. WRONG. I was beyond thrilled to meet with Candice Czaplak the Success Catalyst. Sometimes you really do just need a second set of eyes on your business. If you are a business owner or large sales agent - seriously, you need to contact her! From our meeting today I came out with 6 or 7 plans of action that I can implement almost immediately that won't cost me a fortune. Plus the peace of mind of having great plans! 🙂 That made me a happy girl. CONTACT HER! You won't be sorry!
Jessy Flinn
Owner/Executive Chef, Gourmet Today

My team was falling apart and I was looking for ways to mend some bruised egos, help new supervisors and bring back the team spirit. A friend recommended Candice and we discussed my needs and possible team building events. We settled on an exploration of everyone's communication and work styles.

Candice spent the morning with our team. We divided the space into quadrants and ran through multiple exercises requiring people to pick the quadrant they thought they belonged in. Staff found it fun and surprising to see how people moved around the rooms and how the groups changed. No one was more surprised than me, though, when after the final exercise, all my staff were in one corner and I was in the opposite corner!

Everything made sense once Candice explained the final outcome. As should be expected - our office handles assistance programs for low-income people and the exercise confirmed that my staff were all "Stabilizers" who liked to be of service, while I was the "Calculator" or number cruncher.

What really made a difference for our team, and what I still refer back to frequently, was the ensuing discussion of our strengths and weaknesses, what motivated us and challenged us, and how we best worked together.

I would highly recommend Candice for any group coaching events. She quickly related to the group and kept their attention and participation throughout the exercise. Staff gave her high marks and have asked to have her back again.
Cheryl Amey

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