Being Human, Allowing Vulnerability and Being OK With Not Always Having Your Sh!t Together with Lisa Demmi (Episode 25)

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In this Episode, I’m having a great conversation with a fellow member of the National Speaker Association, Lisa Demmi. Lisa is a Speaker and a Social Media strategist whose mission is to change the World.

Lisa is at the moment making some changes in her businesses and facing the emotional uncertainty that comes up when we try to start something new.

Lisa shares with us how she has been trying to hold it together and how recording and sharing a video helped get it off her chest. This video as well as impacted other people in a good way.

We talk about authenticity, why it’s ok to not always have everything all put together, the law of relativity, managing our feelings, and much more.

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“If someone impacts you in some way, let them know because now you’re giving them a
gift right back” 

~ Lisa Demmi.

What You’ll Hear On the Show 

·      How Sharing can help get things off your chest
and help you move on.

·      How Comparison has a negative effect on us.

·      “One Good Thing” Strategy that Lisa uses.

·      How sharing Lisa’s vulnerability also helped

·      Lisa’s and Candice’s Meditation processes.

·      Why selfishness can also be good.

·      Why it’s important to look back and see where
we have come from.

·      Learn about Candice’s “Finding Your Personal
Balance” Tool.

·      Why we’re responsible for how we feel.

·      Lisa takeaways from the experience.


About My Guest

Lisa L. Demmi is a speaker, coach, trainer, and master egg poacher. She LOVES social media and she shows people how not only to embrace it but also how to put it in a headlock and execute a figure eight on it. Lisa helps companies and organizations leverage social media to create relationships that turn into prospects and ultimately, clients. She also helps others see the power of social media from increasing awareness to understanding the best platform for your specific needs and strengths.

She still fondly remembers her first “tweet” and how it changed her journey forever. She’s looking forward to helping you change yours.


Show Links

Link to the original Video Lisa Posted

Lisa’s Website

Lisa on LinkedIn


Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins 


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