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Most of us spend over 30 % of our waking hours at work. So, don’t you owe it to yourself to make sure you are actually enjoying the work that you do?

  • Understanding your Personal Genius is the key to loving what you do
  • Leveraging the power of People Dynamics is the key to growing and succeeding professionally (& personally)

How do you know what work or profession, or work environment is right and best for you?

Well, it totally depends on you and your unique Personal Genius; your values, motivations, behavior style, your strengths, your interests, your personality, the type of people you like to be around, the environments you enjoy and Thrive in and the overall lifestyle you desire to live.

Success is not a one size fits all proposition and we don’t all want (or need) the same things in our lives or in our work.

Most of us are never really taught how to understand who we really are, what our truest strengths are or what is really most important for us to have in our work or careers.  

  • We listen to what our parents want
  • We do what other people say we “should” do
  • We pick something because we think it will make us lots of money (but doesn’t really suit who we are, what we value or how we really Thrive)
  • We pick a career or profession because we saw it on a TV show and we think it’s “cool”
  • We have a friend at school that says they’re going to do X, so we decide to do it too
  • Someone we know says they are hiring and we simply fall into a job or career (that we don’t really like)
  • We love a subject in school so we go to college only to find when we get out that the positions we can get with that degree just don’t quite fit our personality or how we like to spend our time.

Sometimes these things work great, it can happen.  But unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. In fact, Forbes reports that more than 50% of people say that they aren’t happy in their jobs and the Washington Post reported that 71% of Americans are looking for new jobs.

Sad, I know

So, what can we do about that?

As the Thriverz founder, I’ve taken this on as a bit of a personal mission and take a two-pronged approach

  1. By helping people like you understand themselves and what they really want and need out of their work and support them in taking the steps to make it happen for themselves.
  2. By helping companies and organizations put the right people in the right positions, support their personal genius in the right roles and take good care of their employees.

Thriverz Career - Professional CoachingThriverz Helps:

  • Professionals who are happy with their career and want to better navigate their career path and advancement.
  • People who are unhappy with their current job or career make a positive shift into something better and more suited to them.
  • College students, recent or soon to be college graduates understand their best way forward into the professional path that will most help them Thrive! 
  • High school students contemplating college and career gain the personal insights they need as to what directions can set them up for their best success.

Understanding your Personal Genius is the critical factor in finding the best position and career path for you.

Leveraging the power of People Dynamics is what will help you grow, lead, excel, elevate and succeed on the path that you have chosen.

Whatever category you fall in to:

Together we will understand your unique genius and help you to fully leverage the unique power of you to chart the career path that is right and best for you so you can have what you most desire and truly deserve. 

“When you love what you do, you never “work” a day in your life”


You deserve to be Successful and you deserve to fully Thrive!

Thriverz is here to help you make it your reality

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