• What is your Personal Genius? Do you know? 
  • And how is that different or the same from the Personal Genius of your partner?
  • How do you complement one another? 
  • How are you different from each other?
  • Do you have some rough spots? – what/where are they?
  • Are you truly compatible?
  • How are you “wired” the same and how are you “wired” differently? 
    • and… what does that mean for how you communicate and how you get along with each other?
  • Do you communicate in the same way?
  • Do you have the same values?  
    • (Not likely, so how do they differ and how can you truly make that work to your advantage as a couple)?
  • How can you leverage each other’s true strengths and personal genius to support one another and help you both Thrive individually and together as a couple?
  • How can you maximize the People Dynamics in your partnership?

Thriverz Couples coachingWhether you’re…

  • Just dating and thinking of taking things to the next level
  • Already engaged with the wedding on the way
  • Been a couple for a while and hitting some roadblocks or a rough patch
  • Coupled for a long time, seem to be drifting apart and want to spice things up a bit and get reconnected.
  • At a major transition together and want to be sure you stay strong and connected as you get through it. (career change, move, retirement, empty nest etc.)
  • Just wanting to explore how you can better understand and connect to each other and enjoy more of each other in your relationship
  • Excited about the idea of getting along better and having more Fun! 

Thriverz can help you to understand and relate well to each other so you can better anticipate and navigate the rough spots and enjoy your best success together.



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