Facing Fear, Focusing On What You Really Want & F.R.I.C.ing It Out with Laura Gallaher (Episode 17)

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Are you ready to confront your fear and communicate effectively? In this episode I’m speaking with Organizational Psychologist, Laura Gallaher, who works with teams and individuals to help them improve the way that they communicate to solidify trust and become more cohesive.

We share lots of nuggets: psychological safety, how communication is connected to: mindset, trust, commitment, team cohesiveness, we dive deeper to boundaries setting, abundance mentality, win-win communication, healthy relations and much more.

Expect everything and get attached to nothing 

~Laura Gallaher

Highlights of today’s podcast 

  • Why you have more than one choice and you’re in control of how you’re showing up in personal and professional relationships.
  • Why Psychological Safety doesn’t mean there is no conflict in a team but rather how to solve conflicts amicably.
  • Communication skills: emotional regulation, negotiations, co-creation that allow people to open rather than withhold.
  • How missing piece of information charts way for less informed decision and how to resolve that.
  • How to create an open channel of communication for organizations and individuals.
  • Fear is almost always much scarier in our minds than it is in reality.
  • 3 mindset pieces that can help deal with fear and experience power, inclusive of Laura’s tool (F.R.I.C.) that makes difficult conversation easier.
  • Acknowledging the existence of fear.
  • Why setting boundaries is part of communication.
  • What a healthy relationship is; personally and professionally and how to achieve that with your clients.
  • Why progress over perfection is the real deal.
  • The Abundance Mentality
  • Why seeing things differently is not a bad thing.
  • Win-win communication in context of business and relationship.
  • Engaging prefrontal cortex and getting the lizard brain to be quiet a little.
  • Laura’s “One Thing”
  • What it means for Laura to be success-full and fully Thrive!

 Show Links

Learn more about Laura at Gallaher Edge website at https://gallaheredge.com

Lura’s freebie at http://gallaheredge.com/3steps

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To dive deeper into your personal transformation to better success with Candice schedule a complimentary consultation at Thriverz.com/start

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About My Guest: Dr. Laura Gallaher is an Organizational Psychologist, Executive Coach, and Licensed Human Element Practitioner. She began her career at NASA Kennedy Space Center. After the Space Shuttle Columbia exploded upon re-entry in 2003, killing everybody aboard, Kennedy Space Center hired Laura and a team of organizational psychologists to change the cultural influences that were deemed to play a role in the tragedy. She worked for 8 years with NASA to positively influence culture, develop leadership capacity, and improve organizational performance at Kennedy Space Center. She was also hired to help manage the change associated with radical changes in the performance management process and philosophy at Walt Disney Parks & Resorts. 

Laura’s company, Gallaher Edge, works with executives who want an edge over their competition by looking inward and pushing past the edge of their comfort zone in order to increase their awareness, alignment, and accountability. She helps executive teams have conversations they didn’t even know they needed to have. Organizations are just people. Gallaher Edge helps executives learn what it takes to be more profitable by truly putting people first.

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