Failure, Reinvention and Passion with Bobbi Govanus (Episode 2)

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How do you go from a successful international business with sales of over 20 million through bankruptcy and losing everything and end up feeling reinvigorated and full of passion?

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My guest on the show today is Bobbi Govanus, author, passion test facilitator and founder of the reinvention retreat.  After a thirty-year career in retail selling everything from shirts to stocks, with only a computer and a plan, Bobbi Govanus launched her own small business in the computer training industry.


From her basement in Minnesota, Bobbi quickly grew the business to over 20 Million in Sales leading Entrepreneur Magazine to recognize her as their “Home-based” Business Owner of the year and Minnesota to honor her as their Women in Business Advocate.


Unfortunately, one business move by one of her biggest customers and all of this success came tumbling down.


Down but definitely not out, Bobbi used her failure and her faith as fuel to reinvent herself and her business.  Today, Bobbi is living her passion helping others find their passion and make the rest of their life, the best of their life.


Today’s show is full of earned wisdom that you can use to inspire and equip yourself for reinvention, greater passion, more success and to more fully Thrive!


We are glad you’re joining us. Together we Thrive!



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