Day 5

Momentum is a powerful force in nature. You see it manifested in both positive and negative ways. You can use the law of momentum to either harm you or to advance you in the direction of your goals.

Here’s the KEY…

If you commit to doing something for just 3 consecutive days, you have the beginnings of a powerful “momentum” force working in your favor!

Your assignment today is to choose 1 very small habit you can instill beginning today and executing for the next 3 days. A great example is dental floss. If you are not in the habit of flossing every single day, start by using the next 3 days to do so.

You can start by simply becoming aware of 

  1. a) The momentum principle
  2. b) Your desire to implement the habit of flossing using the momentum principle

Just by that simple act, you are 90% of the way there!

Once you have committed to the habit for the 3 day window, you obviously must keep it going… but you already know that.

Your job now is to observe how your perceptions change during these 3 days. You are deliberately observing a change in behavior based on a habit you have chosen to create.

Write down how the momentum principle has impacted you.

NOW, you are ready to begin implementing new habits that move you towards your major goals and objectives.

The final step is to use your notebook to prioritize all of the changes you intend to make in your life. 

Then, start with a single habit and put the momentum principle into play. 


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