How To Start Strong and Stay Strong in Your Endeavor – Secrets from a Millennial Business Owner with Kaitlyn Study (Episode 18)

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Do you have something that you want to do but you’re a little scared? Is that fear of everyone else’s doubting, naysaying opinions getting in your head and leaving you feeling stuck?

This entrepreneurial story of grit and intuition just might give you the push you need to take the leap and make that next move into the scary unknown that is pushing you past the edge of your comfort zone.

Scrappy and tenacious, she didn’t let the doubters crush her dreams of opening her own marketing agency. She tuned into her intuition and drew strength from mentors and other supportive people in her life and with the foundational teachings of her childhood she birthed her endeavor: South Street & Co. (a marketing agency).

Kaitlyn’s business specializes in helping businesses grow their reach online. Since taking the leap, Kaitlyn has excelled at getting clients and keeping them (her first is still with her to this day) and she’s way surpassed her goal with growing her team. You’ll learn from her expertise and you will also learn (perhaps most of all) from what she shares about her journey. We talk all things related to doing it afraid, passion-driven entrepreneurship; mentorship, self-confidence, 21-century marketing strategies, Kaitlyn’s “savior” App for her Business and much more.

This millennial marketer has got some real secrets to starting and staying strong in business. Tune in and prepare to Thrive!

Finding people that believe in your message and truly can push you down the path that you want to go is really key.

~ Kaitlyn Study.

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Highlights of today’s podcast 

  • Key lessons and traits we learn young that can fuel our entrepreneurial fire
  • How energy and intuition can help you get started and keep going when stuff gets tough
  • A simple way to trick your mind so you don’t get overwhelmed
  • Why you need to get a mentor (or 3 or 4) and how to get them to help you
  • 7 tips to make the most of your marketing
  • The first thing to do to maximize your social media marketing
  • The alternative to automated responses that will help your business Thrive!
  • What to focus on when people doubt you or reject you
  • Kaitlyn’s favorite App which she says is a “Savior for her company”

About My Guest

Kaitlyn is the owner and creative director of South Street & Co. After two and a half years of marketing for a dermatologist and growing the practice to double the locations, she was inspired to start her own business helping other local service-based businesses thrive. The South Street & Co. team specializes in strategic SEO, blogging, social media, design work, and review creation campaigns to expand digital footprints and drive prospective actions.

With over 200+ keywords ranking in the #1 position, features in the Orlando Business Journal’s Book of Lists 4 years in a row and their Best Marketing Agency 2017 nominee, a Neon Swan Nominee, and over 70 five-star reviews on Google, South Street & Co. implements the same marketing strategies for themselves as they do for their clients and they are consistently growing to provide clients with personalized, creative, quality marketing that converts.  


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