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Success is not a one size fits all proposition and neither are our coaching solutions. All of our Coaching is fully customized to meet your particular need and goals. It’s not about us – It’s all about YOU! and Moving you from your point A to your point B so you can more fully Thrive!

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All training options can be customized in duration and content to meet your particular need and goals. Schedule a meeting with us to explore how we can help.

We also offer Personal Genius Profiles as a system/software with training and support either as a Thriverz branded system or as a Genius portal system fully customized and branded for your Company.

Our Coaching, Training & Workshop Topics & Expertise:

We pride ourselves on being a cutting edge, forward thinking, forward doing, tech savvy company so wherever possible and feasible, our services are provided in convenient and efficient Virtual format. Onsite and in-person engagements are also available and sometimes necessary.

Don’t miss out on another moment of leveraging the power Personal Genius and The Thrive Formula. Let’s work together to catalyze positive change that will help you Prosper, Profit and More Fully Thrive!

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My team was falling apart and I was looking for ways to mend some bruised egos, help new supervisors and bring back the team spirit. A friend recommended Candice and we discussed my needs and possible team building events. We settled on an exploration of everyone's communication and work styles.

Candice spent the morning with our team. We divided the space into quadrants and ran through multiple exercises requiring people to pick the quadrant they thought they belonged in. Staff found it fun and surprising to see how people moved around the rooms and how the groups changed. No one was more surprised than me, though, when after the final exercise, all my staff were in one corner and I was in the opposite corner!

Everything made sense once Candice explained the final outcome. As should be expected - our office handles assistance programs for low-income people and the exercise confirmed that my staff were all "Stabilizers" who liked to be of service, while I was the "Calculator" or number cruncher.

What really made a difference for our team, and what I still refer back to frequently, was the ensuing discussion of our strengths and weaknesses, what motivated us and challenged us, and how we best worked together.

I would highly recommend Candice for any group coaching events. She quickly related to the group and kept their attention and participation throughout the exercise. Staff gave her high marks and have asked to have her back again.
Cheryl Amey

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