Leveraging the power of Body, Mind, Spirit & Community to Question Your “Stories”, Keep Your Cup Full and Shift Yourself Forward With Lisa Demmi (Ep 27)

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This is the third episode of our Thriverz Trilogy with Lisa Demmi who shares her key takeaways following a raw, authentic and vulnerable video she posted on Social Media.

What is the balance point between being “professional” and “on brand” and showing up authentically and with a little vulnerability?  How do we need to shift our ideas about community to be more successful and more fully thrive?  What can we do to pull ourselves up and out of negative self-talk or crappy times? 

How can we be more conscious and intentional about our communities and the connections we have with people.  Let’s shift into more meaningful and authentic connections and away from superficial and trying to show ourselves as “perfect”.

We can’t keep putting deposits in everyone else’s bank accounts – occasionally we have to take a withdrawal and actually receive.  Giving and receiving must be balanced to work abundantly.

All this and more on today’s episode of Thriverz.

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What’s not okay about being down is if you stay there. You can always take one step to at least start getting yourself back up.

~ Lisa Demmi

What You’ll Hear On the Show 

  • Lisa shares her experience of Community and how it is so powerful.
  • Is being vulnerable a good thing or is it a sign of weakness?
  • What is the ideal balance between being “professional” and “being your brand” and being authentic and showing vulnerability?
  • The clean-up and reset strategy Lisa learned from her mom and how she used it to shift her out of her recent experience.
  • How to reset mind, body and spirit to take back control and shift out of our difficult or icky times.
  • Ideas and suggestions you can use to shift yourself out of negativity and keep your cup full.
  • How to use a pattern interrupt to shift yourself out of negative self-talk or low vibe energy states.
  • Ditching the guilt and giving up our attachment to what other people think.
  • Questioning our “stories” and what we need to ask ourselves about the stories we’re telling.
  • Choosing to choose and taking personal responsibility.
  • The internal and external work we must do to shift ourselves forward and upward in a more powerful and aligned way.

About My Guest

Lisa L. Demmi is a speaker, coach, trainer, and master egg poacher. She LOVES social media and she shows people how not only to embrace it but also how to put it in a headlock and execute a figure eight on it. Lisa helps companies and organizations leverage social media to create relationships that turn into prospects and ultimately, clients. She also helps others see the power of social media from increasing awareness to understanding the best platform for your specific needs and strengths.

She still fondly remembers her first “tweet” and how it changed her journey forever. She’s looking forward to helping you change yours.


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