Mindset Alignment, Strategies for Success in Business Partnership & Doing More Good For All Using Data with Stewart Hillhouse (Episode 13)

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How do you go from measuring trees in the forest to an entrepreneur co-owner of a data design company?  As it turns out, measuring trees in rural Canada can lead to more than just one realization about data. 


Today I talk with another fellow altMBA alum Stewart Hillhouse who shares some great tips and strategies he and his business partner have used to grow their company and stay on a sustainable successful track through their first critical year.  


We talk mindset alignment and oh so much more including a vision for where we need to go next to do more good with data.

Success for me means having tried rather than wishing that you had tried.

~Stewart Hillhouse

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Highlights of today’s podcast 

  • Stewart & Candice share their experience and key take-aways from Seth Godin’s altMBA program.
  • How strangers can come together to care about something that most people would say didn’t actually matter.
  • Shipping and Perfectionism.
  • “I’ve never heard anyone get so jazzed up about a data story” and why that was a very important moment for Stew
  • Have you ever thought about mindset alignment?
  • How business partnerships are like marriage.
  • Many great nuggets of advice for someone who’s starting a business or new venture.
  • The power of putting emphasis on the right things.
  • What to do when there’s no standard operating procedure or a manual.
  • What is the job of your You of today, the You of yesterday and the You of tomorrow
  • The power of people, networking, consistency and detaching from the outcomes.
  • How can we start using products and ideas that have always been thought of as “No longer relevant”
  • Ideas about using data so that it can be good for the many versus just a few.
  • What it means for Stewart to be success-full and fully Thrive
  • Stewarts’ “One Thing”

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Seth Godin’s altMBA program: https://altmba.com/

altMBA on Linked In: https://www.linkedin.com/school/the-official-altmba-page/

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