One Simple Key to Saving Time, Money & Struggle on Your Career Journey and 4 Tips for Intergenerational Success with Chad Brown (Episode 11)

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In this episode, we speak to Chad Brown, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor who shares more about the interesting twists and turns of his career journey and how his various experiences have led him to his now entrepreneurial path as a Career Counselor and Consultant with a specialty in working with multiple generations.


Perhaps you’re a young person considering your future career path or maybe you have children at that age, or perhaps you work with young people beginning their professional journeys.  Maybe you are a seasoned professional, freelancer or entrepreneur and you feel a bit stuck overburdened by the TGIF disease and oh crap it’s Monday-itis. Or perhaps you’re needing to hire or interact with others outside of your generation.  


Whatever your role, position or place on your journey, you will gain a great deal from the personal insights of this Career counselors’ personal twists, turns, failures and successes as well as his professional experience, expertise and insights from counseling others and dealing with different generations.

“money doesn’t make you happy or a certain kind of job in a certain position isn’t going to be everything if it’s not who you are and what you really want to do”

Episode Highlights

  • Career decisions are usually influenced by three major factors, that is, Family, Media and Trends, but there is one critical component missing
  • Thinking about our why and our bigger mission or reason for the work we do.
  • The importance of having an impact in a person`s life before bad things happen
  • A story Chad shares about his path leads Candice to a new realization about a key guiding force behind the whole evolution and journey to her creating
  • How helping someone thrive can eliminate future problems!
  • Having the right tools and education brings the right impact
  • Chad and Candice contrast their different backgrounds around entrepreneurship and Chad shares how he never thought he would own his own business.
  • What we know and have been exposed to shapes and can limit our ideas about what is possible and how to expand beyond that.
  • Great Opportunities exist when our minds perceive and get out of our comfort zone.
  • Entrepreneurship is not for everyone freedom involves risks and comes with responsibilities
  • The importance of reflecting on how our own journeys’ assist to make better choices
  • If we really want to thrive in our lives, in our businesses, we have to be open to the possibilities that that can exist.
  • The importance of having self- awareness and digging deeper in identifying core strengths
  • 4 Areas you can focus on to have greater success in your Intergenerational interactions.
  • Why it is important to look at the Intra-generational piece of the Inter-generational Conversation
  • Thriving is when we realize the beauty of all that we GET to do (not have to must do or should do).

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