The greatest gift a parent can give their child besides unconditional love, is self-understanding.

As a partnership effort

The gift starts with you as a parent understanding and relating well to yourself first and then it is all about how you understand and relate well to your children and help them to understand and relate to themselves.

As parents we have a responsibility to not only lead and grow ourselves but to also lead and grow our children.

  • What is your Genius?
  • What is your child’s Genius? 
  • Do you complement one another? 
  • Where are your rough spots?
  • How can you better motivate your child?
  • How are you “wired” the same and how are you “wired” differently? and… what does that mean for how you communicate, how you get along and how you can support one another?
  • What about the rest of the people in the family? Surely, you’re not all the same. 

Together we’ll explore your individual Personal Geniuses and improve your People Dynamics between you so you can best support each other to be more Successful and to more fully Thrive! – Individually and as a family.

Thriverz Young Adult coaching

Or perhaps you just want to give the gift of self-understanding to your child

That’s fine too. We can work with your child individually to help them understand their unique Individual Personal Genius to help them make better choices, decisions and actions that best support and serve them on their life path as related to:

    • Education
    • Career
    • Mindset
    • Extracurricular activities
    • Relationships
    • Activities
    • Recreation
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