Advanced Insights Expert Coaching


  • The “What”, “Why” & “How” of Human Performance
  • Brain Wiring, Values – Motivation, & Behavior Style
  • Quick & easy web-based questionnaire
  • 77+ Page Personalized Report
  • Expert One-on-One Genius Coaching
  • Multiple Sessions
  • Leverage the Power of Your Personal Genius

What really drives individual performance?

Part of the Personal Genius puzzle

In order to truly understand what it takes to perform at maximum levels, you have to be able to understand multiple facets of an individual’s Personal Genius. Including “what” natural talents a person has, “why” they are motivated to use them and “how” they prefer to use them. Achieving optimal performance requires the best alignment between these variables and the individual’s role and duties.

  • WHAT – Natural talents based on how one thinks and makes decisions.
  • WHY – Deep conditioned motivators and drivers that affect engagement and passion.
  • HOW – Natural behavioral styles that control approaches to problems, procedures, interpersonal interactions and tasks, success and performance.

By better understanding these core drivers of performance, we can better equip and position people for personal excellence and maximum satisfaction and performance in life and work.

The Advanced Insights profile combines three of the world’s leading instruments, each specializing in measuring a specific aspect of this trifecta of human performance, to give individuals & organizations unequaled access to the knowledge they need to improve results.

In-Depth View of the What, Why & How of an Individual

The ADVanced Insights Assessment is a combination of three assessment tools and provides an in-depth view of a person on the following:

  • The What – What natural talents does he/she have.
  • The Why – Why he/she is motivated to use them.
  • The How – How does he/she prefer to use them.
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