Brain Wiring – Attribute Index Video Training


  • What are your best Attributes?
  • What is your Brain Wiring?
  • Quick & easy web-based questionnaire
  • 22+ Page Personalized Report
  • Exclusive Thriverz Values Video Training
  • Leverage the power of your Personal Genius

Attribute Index – Brain Wiring

  • Making Intangible Assets Tangible
  • The “What” of Human Performance
  • What is your mental processing style?
  • What is your brain wiring?
  • One Piece of the Personal Genius puzzle

The Attribute Index is a revolutionary way to measure individuals’ skills and competencies to increase individual and team efficiency and effectiveness.

The Attribute Index assesses an individual’s cognitive style (i.e., how they think).  Overall, it provides insight into how an individual’s brain is wired: what type of information they tend to pay attention to, how much information/stimuli their brain takes in and what order they tend to process information relative to three key outer areas (the externals) and three key internal more self-focused areas (the internals).

Deeper and more specifically for business and professional environments, it is a uniquely powerful way of actually quantifying an individual’s ability in over 80 business-related areas and it was built to be easy to use by the individual or any manager.

The profile is based on the groundbreaking work of Dr. Robert S. Hartman (Yale/MIT) and Over 30 validation studies make the Attribute Index one of the most powerful and reliable profiles on the market today. Used by more than 300,000 people in over 18 countries, the Attribute Index can help individuals understand their areas of strength and their potential blind spots and help companies and organizations in finding, developing, and keeping the very best talent.

The Attribute Index is particularly powerful when layered with the DISC and Values profiles as a combined Advanced Insights report. Further, all of these tools can be used in conjunction with the MBTI Personality type indicator for additional deeper insight and layering to get an even fuller and more complete picture of Personal Genius and how to leverage it for best success.

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