DISC – Behavior Style Expert Coaching


  • How do you prefer to do things?
  • Quick & easy web-based questionnaire
  • 22+ Page Personalized Report
  • Expert One-on-One Genius Coaching
  • Leverage the power of your Personal Genius

The Thriverz DISC Index is the most contemporary interpretation of Dr. William Marston’s groundbreaking work into understanding and measuring a person’s natural behavioral style.

The DISC Behavior Style index gives us insight into “HOW” people like to do things, specifically, what is their preferred way to approach: Problems, People, Pace and Procedures. Our DISC Index report is a full 22 pages of information with charts and visuals personalized to each respondent.

Our DISC Index profile is unique in that it:

  • 100% Virtual, quick and easy web-based questionnaire
  • Has the highest validity and reliability scores on the market today
  • Is the only behavioral instrument to produce zero waste by ranking all words, not just half
  • Uses a one-of-a-kind click and drag interface for significantly greater accuracy and ease-of-use
  • Contains the most current instrument items for increased accuracy and reliability
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