Personal Genius Mastery Coaching


  • Our Full Suite of Personal Genius Activation Tools
  • Expert One-on-One Private Personal Genius Coaching
  • Laser Focused on Your Unique Situation & Goals
  • Targeted Innovative Solutions
  • Multiple Private Sessions
  • 100+ Pages of Personalized Reports with expert interpretation
  • Full Access to Session Recordings and session notes
  • Additional Homework & Exercises to move your farther faster
  • Access to Candice for 30 days after completion

How Do We Leverage Our Entire Personal Genius to Thrive?

In order to truly understand what it takes to perform at maximum levels, you have to be able to understand the your full Personal Genius: “what” natural talents do you have, “why” are you motivated to use them, “how” do you prefer to use them, and what your core Personality traits and preferences are. Achieving your best and optimal performance requires the best alignment possible between these variables and your roles and responsibilities in your life and work.

  • WHAT – Your natural talents based on how your brain is “wired” the information you take in and trust.
  • WHY – Deep conditioned motivators and drivers that affect your engagement and spark (or suffocate) your passion.
  • HOW – Your most natural behavioral style that controls task completion, interpersonal interactions and work performance & fulfillment.
  • PERSONALITY – How you think and make decisions, what information and environments you believe and trust the most, and how you are naturally wired to find your personal balance point. What are the conditions in which you can Thrive at your best.

By better understanding all of the core drivers of Personal Genius and performance, we can better equip and position you for personal excellence and maximum satisfaction and performance in your life and work.

Personal Genius Mastery Coaching

Combines our full suite of Personal Genius Activation tools with expert coaching and personal insights to give you an extremely in-depth view of  your Unique Personal Genius and how to activate it for greater success with what means the most to you.

  • The What – Brain Wiring 
  • The Why –  Motivation and Engagement
  • The How – Behavior Style 
  • Personality – Core Traits and Preferences
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