Individual Sessions


  • Individual Private Session
  • Laser-Focused On Moving You Forward
  • You Bring The Focus
  • We Help Catalyse Your Results
  • Virtual Via Zoom or Phone
  • Recorded If You Choose

? Start the Spark ?

Get Insight, Motivation, Inspiration, Strategies, Information, Advice, Tips, Tricks, and Tools  to

Empower You and Activate You Toward Your Best Success.

Ideate – Innovate – Grow – Lead – Excel & Succeed with What Matters Most to You.

Individual Session Consultations are conducted via telephone or Zoom video conferencing with our founder, the expert herself, Candice, the Intuitive Success Catalyst here at Thriverz. You will have full expert attention laser-focused on you, with no fluff, to get you to the results you’re seeking.

Consultation topics can include the following and more. Our expertise is here to help you wherever you desire or need it the most.

Living the Thrive Formula   |   Leveraging your Personal Genius

Ideation   |   Innovation   |   Problem Solving   |   Decision Making

Growth   |   Leadership   |   Success   |   NLP – Mindset & Reframing

Business     |     Strategy     |   Career   |   Putting Your Dream to the Test

Authentic Sales   |   More & Better Clients   |   Networking   |    Generating Referrals

Customer Service   |   Talent Alignment   |   Hiring   |   Authentic Marketing

Life Coaching   |   Work / Life Balance Harmony   |   Becoming a Person of Influence

Seeing Possibilities   |   Motivation   |   Inspiration   |   Manifestation & Attraction

Meditation & Visualization   |   Astrology   |   Oracle Readings   |   Energy work

You Pick The Focus – We’ll Bring the Expertise

To Guide You From Your Point A to Your Point B

Let Our Coaching Expertise Move You Toward The Results You Seek

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