Premier Coaching Partnership (2x monthly)

$800.00 / month

  • On-going Co-Creative Coaching Partnership
  • 2 Monthly Expert Coaching Sessions
  • All Personal Genius Tools Included
  • Your Personal Success Catalyst
  • Dedicated to Helping You Thrive!

Coaching Partnerships

Our long-term coaching partnerships are just that, partnerships.  Consider having Candice, the coaching expert and intuitive, inspirational Success Catalyst by your side in your corner propelling you to the results you seek on an ongoing basis.  It’s like having your very own Personal Success Catalyst rooting for you, moving you forward and helping you progress to what you truly desire, right there with you every step of the way.

Our Thriverz Coaching Partnerships include access to ALL OF OUR PERSONAL GENIUS TOOLS!

Candice will get to know and understand you and your unique personal genius at the very deepest levels.  She will understand your goals, your desires, your strengths, and your blind spots at an intimate level.

With you, in partnership, Candice will understand you and what you truly need perhaps, sometimes, even better than you do yourself:

  • What you need to do, to say, to ask yourself or ask another
  • What you need to process, to trust, to heal, to focus on
  • What you need more information on, to be more curious about or to learn
  • What you need to let go of and to embrace to move forward trust
  • What you need most to be able to expand, to grow, and to Thrive!

That is what powerful expert coaching is all about – moving you forward and bringing out the best information, answers, actions, feelings, success, and achievement that you already have within you.  Candice, your coach, is the Catalyst to bring out all that is wonderfully YOU! and help you live the life you truly desire with full self-awareness and deep authenticity.

Living the Thrive Formula with self-awareness and authenticity and leveraging the full power of your Personal Genius is at the heart of your partnership. You will work together to chart your best course overall and also session to session. Everything is responsive to whatever you are most needing at the time. Flow, fluidity, growth, and change are to be expected.

Ideation   |   Innovation   |   Problem Solving   |   Decision Making

 Growth   |   Leadership   |   Success   |   NLP – Mindset & Reframing | Seeing Possibilities

Business   |   Career   |   Life   |    Inspiration   |   Putting Your Dream to the Test

Work / Life Balance Harmony   |   Becoming a Person of Influence

Motivation   |   Manifestation & Attraction   |   Meditation & Visualization

Unseen Forces   |   Intuitive Connection   |   Energy work

You Set The Focus – We’ll Bring the Expertise

To Guide You From Your Point A to Your Point B

Let Our Coaching Expertise Move You Toward The Results You Seek

You will have her undivided attention during your sessions but you will also have her attention in between sessions.  Because you are in partnership; her thoughts, ideas, and inspirations will also focus on you outside of your session times together – that’s just how she works. You will also have access to Candice in between sessions.

Consultations are conducted via telephone or Zoom video conferencing each session is approximated to about an hour, though some may go 75, 80, and possibly even 90 minutes and some may be less than an hour.  With the Thriverz partnerships, it is not about time, it is about Value and getting you results that move you forward.

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