Questioning Our Questions So We Can More Fully Thrive – With Laura Steward (Episode 12)

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The right questions really can change your life. Not just any questions, it has to be the right questions because most of us ask questions to get the answers that we want not the answers that we truly need.  


Think about the last question that you asked and the answer that you got… Did you ask a question that literally guided the answerer to give you the answer you wanted?  Or was the question open and giving the opportunity to get an answer that, perhaps makes you a little bit uncomfortable, but you know it’s really the right one to guide you forward?


Let’s dive in and learn how to dig a little deeper and ask better questions so we can be more success-full and more fully Thrive!


Highlights of today’s podcast & Timeline

(2:22)         Laura shares a story about when she got mad and stormed out of first grade in the middle of the school day.

  • Do you remember where the cloakroom is?
  • Remember when the phones had a long cord and we’re actually attached to the wall?

(5:12)   The moment that taught Laura the right questions can change your life not just any question but the right question

  • Intellectual Badass
  • How a simple shift from Do you want to do this? to Why do you want to do this? was like a 2 x 4 upside her head
  • Really great at asking all the questions of her clients as a consultant but not wanting to confront the questions that she really needed to be asking her self

(14:09)   Great questions you should be asking your clients and yourself about your clients and your work


(17:05)   Story about Michael Cole from The Mod Squad


(20:14)   The difference between asking questions that trigger your head versus trigger your heart


(22:37)   Candice and Laura connect on their desire to support our military members and military spouses, children and families

  • Candice shares about being a military spouse living and working with other military families and children overseas.

(24:34)   Story about how policies can get corrupted simply by failing to ask the right questions or consider the real why of it all

  • How empathy drives our questions
  • Innovate or die
  • How shifting your questions and your perspective can dramatically affect the trajectory of your entire business 

(32:40)   The biggest mistakes business people are making and what they should be doing instead

  • Energy capital

(30:33)   Laura talks about the insights she has gleaned from the work of Futurist, Daniel Burris


(36:09)   Grading your clients A,B,C & D


(41:42)   Sometimes things just have nothing to do with you


(43:07)   The power of understanding your processes and applying the platinum rule (not the golden rule)


(47:00)   What being successful and fully thriving means to Laura


(52:10)   Two powerful questions to get you started when you don’t know what questions to ask


(54:38)   Laura’s One Thing


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Mentioned on the Show

Michael Cole from The Mod Squad    

Daniel Burris, Futurists and Author    

Kendra Lee, Sales Trainer    



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