Understanding People by Decoding Their Name – The Science of Neimology© with Sharón Lynn Wyeth (Episode 20)

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Do you know that by just learning how to decipher a name you can find out about your and other people’s personalities?

Well, in this episode, I’m having a fascinating conversation about Name Decoding (Neimology©) with Sharón Lynn Wyeth. 

Neimology© is the study of the placement of the letters in a name, and how they interact with each other to reveal hidden secrets about one’s character. A person’s behavior, personality, learning style and even what kinds of gifts a person likes are all part of your name’s hidden meanings and are deciphered by Neimology Science©.

As a kid, Sharón  was always excited about making problem-solving a lot much easier for others which resulted in her being a math teacher.  She has taught math at every level, from 3rd grade to University.  During her teaching profession, she noticed a pattern in her students’ names that led her to discover Neimology Science©.  It took her 18 years to anthologize and test the concept in over 70 countries.

Using her Neimology© concept, she helps individuals choose the right path, understand their names and the names of others and make meaningful connections. Human Resource professionals also hire her to help pick the best person for the job, saving money and time. Lawyers, couples and salespeople also utilize her knowledge.

Tune in as we decode the term Neimology©, and learn how Sharón uses this concept to help people find solutions in their personal and professional lives. 

Our relationships really determine the quality of our lives; it doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor.  If you’ve got good quality relationships, you’re Happy and when your relationships are in trouble, then, you’re unhappy. It’s such a huge piece

~ Sharón  Lynn Wyeth. 

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Highlights of today’s podcast 

  1. What is Neimology
  2. Learn about the 7 Components in a name.
  3. How Sharon uses Neimology to empower people
  4. How to use vowels in a name to decipher a person’s characters.
  5. How to use the first, second and last name to find answers.
  6. How name change also shifts personality
  7. How couples, individuals, lawyers, Human Resources professionals, and salespeople use Sharón’s Neimology concept.
  8. Sharón’s “One Thing”
  9. What it means for Sharón to be success-full and fully Thrive!

Show Links

Visit Sharón’s websites:  www.knowthename.com


Connect with Sharón on LinkedIn


Know the Name; Know the Person

Know the Name; Know the Spirit

Know the Name; Know How to Connect

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