Working From the Inside Out with Mind, Body & Spirit to Reach Sustainable Results & Your Best Success with Michael Rizk (Episode 15)

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Michael’s desire to help people live a comfortable life in the real world set him on an evolutional journey where he discovered two things that have transformed his life and his impact with his clients

  1. How to think for himself rather than follow protocol.
  2. That the human body is driven by the mind and led by the spirit.

We discuss how Michael learned how to use the “Inside-Out Approach” or the “Mind-First Approach” and how effective it has been.

Whenever we do things that we want to do, the foundation of that endeavor is Joy because if we don’t start with joy, we’re not going to get there. ~  Michael Rizk

We talk about the interconnectedness of Mind, Body, and Spirit, managing expectations, how peace, love, joy,  and self-compassion are related to healing, success and much more. 

Highlights of today’s podcast 

  • What two things that Michael learned in his early 20’s that changed his life.
  • How the body responds when we are engaging to day to day activities (Chain Reaction biomechanics)
  • 3 Steps to transforming with Inside-Out Strategy.
  • Why familiar doesn’t mean it’s effective.
  • How Joy and Success are related.
  • The Power of Present moment.
  • The cycle of worthiness and building self-worth.
  • Why your relationship with effort is directly proportionate to your relationship with failure.
  • Managing expectation and enjoying the process of transformation in our businesses and personal life.
  • Michael’s “One Thing”
  • What it means for Michael to be success-full and fully Thrive!

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More about Michael  – Guest Bio

At the core of his existence, Michael Rizk is a game-changer. He’s been serving the health, fitness and wellness industries since 2000. His background is in personal training, soft tissue therapy, chain reaction biomechanics, change management and he’s a teacher at heart.

Michael’s passion comes alive when he’s helping people get from “here to there”. Whatever roadblock: mental, emotional, physical or spiritual, he operates in the best interests of his clients, helping them overcome their perceived obstacles.

He defines success as his client’s ability to stand strong on their own two feet, far beyond his care. In 2010, Michael discovered that while people were coming to him to enhance their Body, it was their Mind holding them back and their Spirit that was suffering.

Since then, he’s developed a Mind-First Approach®, in which he works through the Mind to uplift the Spirit and transform the Body. This inside-out, revolutionary approach has inserted joy, contentment and fulfillment back into the process of self-care. He’s come to realize that when you build happiness into one’s life, their health follows.

When Michael’s not working with clients or presenting his approach to health professionals, you’ll find him exploring contemplative psychology, cultural anthropology, biocognition and absorbing new information pertaining to the Mind-Body-Spirit connection. He writes a daily blog called the Whole Person that is committed to inspiring people to show up for themselves.

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